Tzeng Yih Lam
Job title Associate Professor
Name Tzeng Yih Lam
Office Tel No. +886233664624
Email tylam@ntu.edu.tw
Fax +886223654520
Experience 08/14– National Taiwan University, School of Forestry and Resource Conservation, Taiwan. Assistant Professor in Forest Mensuration.

02/16– GEF-UNDP-GoM Project on Improving Connectivity in Central Forest Spine of Malaysia, Malaysia. Biodiversity Statistics Consultant.

03/13–06/14 The Forest Trust, Malaysia. Project Officer.

01/12–12/12 University of California at Berkeley, Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, USA. Postdoctoral Researcher.

01/11–12/11 Korea Forest Research Institute, Forest and Climate Change Center, South Korea. Postdoctoral Researcher.

07/10–12/10 Forest Research Institute Malaysia, UNDP-GEF-ITTO-FRIM Conservation of Biodiversity through Improved Forest Planning Tools Project, Malaysia. Statistics Consultant.

08/04–05/06 Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Chair of Forest Inventory and Remote Sensing, Germany. Research Assistant.

08/05–09/05 Xinjiang University, College of Resource and Environmental Sciences, China. Forest Inventory Consultant.

09/99–05/03 University of New Brunswick, Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management, Canada. Research Assistant.
Mobile Phone Number +886905368866
laboratory Name Forest Mensuration Laboratory
Discipline Forest Mensuration; Sampling Methods; Experimental Designs; Statistical Theory and Analysis; Quantitative Silviculture
Research expertise My research interests include: (1) theoretical development and application of forest mensuration and probability sampling, rapid biodiversity assessment, sampling of sparse forests, national forest inventory and etc.; (2) quantitative silviculture, growth and yield modeling, regeneration modeling and etc.; (3) interdisciplinary statistical analysis, mixed effects modeling, Structural Equation Modeling, Bayesian statistics and etc.
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Note 2 Skype: skoglam
Note 3: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skoglam
Reference website of individual publication https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6865-5626
Year Paper Title
2019 Lin H-T, Lam TY, von Gadow K, Kershaw JA, Effects of nested plot designs on assessing stand attributes, species diversity, and spatial forest structures, Forest Ecology and Management, (Accepted), (SCI)
2019 Lu M-K, Lam TY, Perng B-H, Lin H-T, Close-range photogrammetry with spherical panoramas for mapping spatial location and measuring diameters of trees under forest canopies, Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 49, 8, pp865-874, (SCI)
2019 Yang T-R, Kershaw JA, Weiskittel AR, Lam TY, McGarrigle E, Influence of sample selection method and estimation technique on sample size requirements for wall-to-wall estimation of volume using airborne LiDAR, Forestry, 92, 3, pp311-323, (SCI)
2019 Yang T-R, Lam TY, Su S-H, A simulation study of the effects of plot size and shape on sampling plant species composition for biodiversity management, Journal of Sustainable Forestry, 38, 2, pp116-129, (SCI)
2018 Perng B-H, Lam TY, Lu M-K, Stereoscopic imaging with spherical panoramas for measuring tree diameter and distance under forest canopies, Forestry, 91, 5, pp662-673, (SCI)
2018 Yang T-R, Lam TY, Kershaw JA , Developing relative stand density index for structurally complex mixed species cypress and pine forests, Forest Ecology and Management, 409, pp425-433, (SCI)
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2017 Lam TY, Kershaw JA, Nur Hajar ZS, Abd Rahman K, Weiskittel AR, Potts MD, Evaluating and Modeling Genus and Species Variation in Height to Diameter Relationships for Tropical Hill Forests in Peninsular Malaysia, Forestry, 90, 2, pp268-278, (SCI)
2015 Lam TY, Li X, Kim RH, Lee KH, Son YM, Bayesian meta-analysis of regional biomass factors for Quercus mongolica forests in South Korea., Journal of Forestry Research, 26, 4, pp875-885, (SCI)
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2013 Lam TY, Abdul Rahman K, Shamsudin I, Potts MD, Evaluating design unbiasedness of the Pre-felling inventory in Peninsular Malaysia, Journal of Tropical Forest Science, 25, 4, pp516-527, (SCI)
2013 Lam TY, Maguire DA, Bayesian models describing microhabitat associations of infrequently captured small mammals sampled under a complex hierarchical design, Forest Ecology and Management, 298, pp101-110, (SCI)
2013 Lam TY, Czaplewski RL, Yim JS, Lee KH, Kim SH, Kim RH, Comparison of Kalman filters in combining panel data from the annual inventory system of the South Korea National Forest Inventory., Research Note RMRS-RN-52. U. S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. Fort Collins, CO., pp1-15, (Others)
2012 Lam TY, Maguire DA, Structural Equation Modeling: theory and applications in forest management, International Journal of Forestry Research, 2012, pp1-16, (Others)
2011 Garber S, Lam TY, Maguire DA, Growth and mortality of residual Douglas-fir after regeneration harvests under group selection and two-story silvicultural systems, Western Journal of Applied Forestry, 26, 2, pp64-70, (SCI)
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2011 Lam TY, Kleinn C, Coenradie B, Double sampling for stratification for the monitoring of sparse tree populations: the example of Populus euphratica Oliv. forests at the lower reaches of Tarim River, southern Xinjiang, China, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 175, 1~4, pp45-61, (SCI)
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2008 Lam TY, Kleinn C, Estimation of tree species richness from large area forest inventory data: Evaluation and comparison of jackknife estimators, Forest Ecology and Management, 255, 3~4, pp1002-1010, (SCI)
Year Paper Title
2018 Perng B-H, Lam TY, Lu M-K, A stereodendrometer: binocular vision with spherical panoramas for extracting tree attributes, The 8th Symposium of Asian University Forest Consortium, Seoul, Seoul National University, South Korea, 口頭報告, 2018-10-22-2018-10-26
2018 Lam TY, A close-range photogrammetry system with spherical panorama for sampling and tree measurement, International Symposium on Forest Ecosystem Services and Asian Experimental Forests Joint Workshop, Nantou, Taiwan, 口頭報告, 2018-06-25-2018-06-28
2017 Lam TY, Applications of panoramic spherical photogrammetry for advancing Critical Height Sampling and monitoring of forest resources, International Symposium on Sustainable Forest Ecosystem Management, Seogwipo, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, South Korea, 口頭報告, 2017-08-29-2017-09-01
2016 Lam TY, Hsu Y-H, Kershaw JA, Development of 3P sampling for rapid assessment of plant diversity: Integration of expert knowledge in sampling biodiversity, Western Mensurationists’ Meeting, Skamania, WA, USA, 口頭報告, 2016-06-19-2016-06-21
2016 Lam TY, Development of 3P sampling for rapid assessment of plant diversity: Integration of expert knowledge in sampling biodiversity, Taipei, Taiwan, 受邀演講, 2016-06-15-2016-06-15
2015 Lam TY, Development of 3P sampling as a rapid biodiversity assessment method for vascular plant diversity, Symposium of Asian University Forest Consortium, Xitou, Nantou County, Taiwan, 口頭報告, 2015-10-07-2015-10-07
2015 Lam TY, Integrating expert knowledge to increase efficiency in rapid assessment of plant diversity, Jiji, Nantou County, Taiwan, 受邀演講, 2015-06-02-2015-06-02
Project Category Year Project Title Participartor Job Title Period Unit
Research Projects 2019 Comparison of height growth and wood utilization potentials between undamaged and squirrel damaged Cryptomeria japonica trees Principal Investigator 2019.01.15 ~ 2019.12.15 National Taiwan University Experimental Forest
Research Projects 2016 Applications of Spherical Photogrammetry in Forest Sampling and Tree Measurement Principal Investigator 2016.08.15 ~ 2019.07.15 Ministry of Science and Technology Taiwan
Research Projects 2015 Development of Sampling Methods for Rapid Assessment of Plant Diversity Biing T. Guan Principal Investigator 2015.02.15 ~ 2016.07.15 Ministry of Science and Technology Taiwan
Year Lab Title Location
2014 Forest Mensuration Lab School of Forestry and Resource Conservation Room 212
Country School Name Department Degree Duration
USA Oregon State University College of Forestry Ph.D. 2006.08 ~ 2010.05
USA Oregon State University Department of Statistics M.Sc. 2006.08 ~ 2009.02
Germany Georg-August-Universität Göttingen Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology M.Sc. 2003.08 ~ 2006.02
Canada University of New Brunswick Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management B.Sc. 1998.08 ~ 2003.05