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Master program / Degree requirements

Master program (Please refer to required courses in Master program)

For fulltime students and part-time students:

- minimum credits for graduation: 30 credits, including 6 credits in master's thesis, 2 credits in seminar on special topics, 2 credits in research on special topics, 6 credits in selectively required courses, and 14 credits in selective courses.

- Additional degree requirements, if any, can be found in the book of general information for admission.
- If you choose to major in the field of biology materials, additional courses of that field are required. (See the regulations of required course of our master program)
- Selectively required courses refer to courses whose id codes start with 「625M.」
- Students admitted to enter this department after 2006 should meet the requirements of 「Foreign Language Proficiency Standard for graduate students in NTU Department of Forestry and Resource Conservation.」

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