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What's there for me?

Welcome to the Department of Forestry and Resource Conservation!
Here you can find access to information related to the big family of the Department of Forestry and Resource Conservation information!
The department was founded in 1925! It is a department of long history!
Ever since its formation, its objective has always been to nurture outstanding forestry science and forestry-related professionals in our country!
We own three museums; they are Forestry, Forest Resource and Aerial Survey Museums, respectively. These museums also contain practical classrooms, laboratories and research rooms. It is worth mentioning that on the third floor we have “wax leaf museum” which is one of the largest herbarium alongside with the Forestry Research Institute Herbarium and the National Taiwan University Herbarium!
Our teaching is divided into four areas: biological, environmental, materials and resource conservation; through the adjustment of the course we are able to make the learning environment more complete and in line with modern trends!
If you want to find out more about the course, you may wish to participate in the activities of “Azalea Festival” in March, which is organized by the university.
Now please let the seniors of the department to introduce you to this large and dynamic family :-)