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Freshman year courses include an in-depth study of fundamental courses such as calculus, physics, chemistry, biology, etc. Therefore your study requires the knowledge you have gained from your three years in high school. These fundamental courses are the basis for subsequent courses you will be taken later on!
In the second year of your university, a gradual emphasis will be placed on professional subjects such as silviculture, forestry, tree study, statistics, forest ecology, forest management, etc. The aforementioned are compulsory courses for the forestry department. Furthermore, there are also courses that are required to attend for each study divisions, they are: Statistics, organics, biochemistry; engineering, mechanics of materials, tree physiology and morphology, zoology, genetics, soil and water conservation, forest management as well as forest recreation management.
Our research ranges from the study on the climate, hydrology, trees, animals and soils of the environment to furniture, walls, decorations as well as scent oils of our homes. Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to attend all these courses during the four years you will spend in the Forestry Department!