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 Q: What is the difference between the Department of Forestry, the Department of Horticulture as well as the Department of Agriculture?

A: Department of Forestry can be divided into many parts, such as:
• Study on the relationship between biology and forestry
• Some forestry-related policies, such as the forestry law, etc.
• the establishment and development of national parks
• The use of timbers on architectures
• timber oil refining
• the effect of forests on the entire environment
Department of Horticulture, ~ mainly fruits, flowers, or interior design-related
Department of Agronomy ~ mainly economic crops-related
Department of Agricultural Chemistry ~ mainly related to the use of fertilizer on agricultural crops as well as the yield of crops
 Q: Do you need any conditions to join the big family of the Forestry Department?

A: The courses on the Department of Forestry are multi-faceted, so as long as you have a passion for nature, it is not essential for you to be in the “Third Division” to be admitted to our program! There are many students from the “First Division” and “Second Division” who also have a very dazzling performance!
Q: What exactly is the Department of Forestry doing?

A: The first impression when people hear about the “Department of Forestry” they have this stereotypical image that we are just a bunch of people doing tree planting and tree cutting. However, as you can see from our website, the things we do is all-encompassing. Tree cutting and tree planting constitutes only a small part.
So what exactly is our department doing? The answer to this question lies in the hands of every student! If you are interested in wild animals, then you can move into the direction of wildlife conservation. If you are interested in the furniture industry, the oil industry or the paper industry, then you may move in this direction. If you are interested in the management of a forest recreational park or national parks, then the four years you spend in our department is to train you to become a good manager. If you are interested in maintaining the forest environment, then the four years at our program is to train you to become an expert of the forest environment!

 Q: Before entering the Forestry department do you need to recognize many tree species?

A: Tree is an important part of the forest! Students studying in our department all have this special affinity to the trees. Once you get admitted to our department, the identification of tree species will no longer be a pressure, but a pleasure!
It is the responsibility of the forest department staff and students to make tree species classifications as enjoyable as possible. We will let you discover the fun side of it through the various programs and activities that we offer! Therefore, you are not required to know many tree species, but you must be aware of the landmark on the front door of the forestry building-the Araucaria Tree!

 Q: Once I get admitted to the Forestry Department, how do I plan my future?

A: When planning for your future, you must firstly find what your interest is. The diverse curriculum of the Forestry Department as well as the all-encompassing course of the National Taiwan University would surely let you find out more about what you are interest in!
It is also important to establish your short-term as well as long-term goals once you get admitted to our university. You may wish to refer to NTU network, as well as the undergraduate course curriculum page of the department’s website, so you will have a better plan for the future. Alternatively, you can also ask for senior students as well as professors of our department to discuss about your future direction!