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Departmental Affairs Council

1. The foundation of this council is based on Article 44 in Organization Principles of NTU.

2. This council consists of fulltime professors, fulltime associate professors, fulltime assistant professors, and fulltime lecturers. Teaching assistants, administrative fellows and student representatives may attend as non-voting delegates. The chairperson of this department serves as the chairperson of this council.

3. Resolutions of the council are not valid unless more than half of the committee members attend the meeting and more than half of the attendants approve of the resolution.

4. Discussion issues of the council should be proposed by one committee member and countersigned by more than two other members. Issues proposed by the chairperson of the department are not regulated by this article.

5. Resolutions of this council should be officially documented and implemented by the chairperson of the department. 6. This council may further include some other committees according to needs and NTU regulations.