年度 2019
計畫類別 研究計畫
計畫名稱 溪頭柳杉林長期生態水文過程特徵研究:渦度通量測量與生態系統模擬
職稱/擔任之工作 計劃主持人
計畫期間 2019.08.05 ~ 2020.07.05
補助/委託或合作機構 科技部
摘要 Future climate change can affect the ecohydrological processes and dynamics of forests through the variability in soil moisture because soil moisture strongly related to stomatal controls and mortality of trees. To analyze the long-term variability in ecohydrological processes, a reliable year-round continuous data of evapotranspiration (water vapor flux) is necessary together with soil water content. However, such flux data has not been obtained yet in forests in Taiwan, partly because the forests in Taiwan have a high frequency of orographic fog and summer precipitation, during which the traditional open-path eddy covariance system fails to measure fluxes. A distinct dry season in Taiwan sometimes leads to a significant drop of soil moisture, and it may affect the plant-water relation and transpiration of trees, but such processes have not been investigated yet in forests in Taiwan.
The goals of this study are to elucidate the characteristics and mechanism of long-term variability in ecohydrological processes of Japanese cedar forest in Xitou, Taiwan, focusing on soil moisture dynamics, and to predict the ecohydrological processes and dynamics of this forest under the future climate conditions.
語言 英文